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Ogle to your heart’s content or stare embarrassedly at the floor — it’s up to you!

Yua Mikami has the attractive looks necessary to land a job in the Japanese adult video industry, but the 22-year-old native of Aichi Prefecture gets attention for more than just her pretty face and slim figure. Up until April of 2014, she was a member of J-pop idol group SKE48, one of megagroup AKB48’s many sister organizations, performing under then name Momona Kito.

But even after her “graduation” (as the idol industry calls it when a member leaves her group) Mikami hasn’t completely stepped out of the public spotlight, and has in fact stepped into the pubic one as an adult video actress. Mikami debuted in her new field last summer with the release of Princess Peach, a play on words with her old stage name Momona (literally “Peach Greens”) and perhaps a ploy to curry favor with fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise.

Mikami has recently launched her official YouTube channel. In keeping with the video sharing site’s regulations, though, there’s no nudity in her first video. As a matter of fact, for the first 45 seconds or so there’s seemingly no Mikami, either.

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Eventually, the star enters stage right…and almost immediately exits stage left.

▼ Wait, where’re you going?

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This isn’t some sort of “less is more” attempt to stimulate fans’ imaginations, though. The video is actually interactive and filmed in 360 degrees.

▼ Found you!

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By clicking on the arrows in the video’s top left, or alternately by clicking anywhere on the video, holding the mouse button, and dragging the cursor, it’s possible to change the angle, and it turns out that Mikami is dancing around the camera. Given the exhibitionist nature of her line of work, it makes sense that she’s not hiding, and she’s, in fact, comfortable enough on camera to slip out of her T-shirt.

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▼ The devil horns make it kind of a tricky maneuver to pull off, though.

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That’s as undressed as Mikami gets in the video, but she continues smiling and sashaying about while idol group Berryz Kobo’s “Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi” plays in the background. You can use the video’s controls to keep your gaze on her for the full three minutes, or, if you’re the shy type, you can avert your eyes and appreciate the room’s flooring or ceiling lamp.

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▼ Oh, yeah, that’s hot.

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Of course, some may question the logic behind a video of an adult film star that doesn’t leave your hands free. However, a VR version of the video, compatible with Oculus Rift and Hacosco headsets, is available for free download from Mikami’s official website here.

Just be aware that while you can change the viewing angle at will, the camera remains rooted to its position in the center of the room, no matter how much you might want to tag along when Mikami walks right out the door at the video’s end.

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Source: Kai-You
Images: YouTube/YUA’s CHANNEL