Japanese netizens are both creeped out and confused by this new Thanksgiving/Christmas emoji from Skype.

If you had any doubts about the prevalence of emoji in global communication tool, this winning entry for Oxford’s 2015 “Word of the Year” entry should be all the proof you need.

Emoji can quickly replace common item words or help set the tone of the message you’re trying to send, but admittedly some icons seem like rather odd choices, leaving users wondering just what the heck kind of feeling they’re supposed to be describing.

A recent Skype emoticon addition definitely falls into that category.

“This new Skype emoticon is so creepy, I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Just in time for American Thanksgiving, the emoji appears to depict a dancing turkey, and has caused an uproar on Twitter as Japanese netizens try to figure out when exactly would be the ideal time to use this kind of emoticon, like in this following tweet exchange:

“Tonight’s dinner is turkey~~ (dancing turkey icon) Maybe like that..? I dunno.”
“I don’t want to eat some dancing turkey for dinner..! I want to eat… I want to eat a regular turkey!”

We hear you and agree!

Maybe the people at Skype were just really excited about turkey, or perhaps this is just the result of binging a little too hard on the anime Jinsei wo Suitai Shimashita. Can you see the resemblance?


“They’re even creepier when you line them up.”

Short of your turkey doing a boogie off the table just before it’s time to dig in, we’re not sure what kind of Skype conversation would necessitate the use of a dancing turkey, but we have to thank the developers at Skype for the laugh!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there celebrating! (P.S. If your day somehow involves an episode so crazy it can only be characterized by a dancing turkey, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!)

Source: Twitter/@_Suzushiro_ (1, 2) via Hachima Kikou
Feature/top image: Twitter/@_Suzuhiro_
Insert image: Random Curiosity