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Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami’s upcoming survival horror title Psycho Break (The Evil Within in the West) is now just a couple of weeks away from release, and its makers have just announced a pair of limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles featuring the game’s title and an image of the insane asylum in which it is set.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has only been available for just over six months in Japan, but already we’ve been teased with numerous “limited edition” versions of the console sporting the logos, and even blobular characters, of popular games. And now, available soon to preorder through Sony’s online store, there’s a Psycho Break themed system in either black or white to choose from.

Those who preorder the doodle-boasting console will also receive a copy of the game itself, access to additional “Gore Mode” downloadable content, and the soundtrack to the game in a special steel case, you know, to play while driving the kids home from school…

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In truth, as big a fan as I was of Resident Evil 4, I wasn’t exactly blown away by what I played of Psycho Break at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, with much of what appeared in the demo feeling familiar to the point that actual scares were worryingly few and far between. Hopefully the finished title will live up to the hype, but with this much of it, it’s not going to be easy for Mikami and his team to convince us that they’re the true masters of survival horror.

Source/images: Psycho Break Official Website via Hachima Kikou