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Fans around the world say thank you to Hayao Miyazaki by creating some amazing art of their own.

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are renowned all over the world for their movie masterpieces. In fact their style is so distinct and popular that fans have even created Ghibli-inspired movie posters for movies that don’t even exist.

But there’s one other thing that Miyazaki himself is somewhat infamous for: retiring. The man has gone in and out of retirement several times now, usually just eliciting eyerolls every time he announces it.

However, two years ago when Miyazaki announced his retirement (which he has since come out of, surprise!), some fans were moved enough to send him Vine creations of their own to thank him for the unforgettable movies he’s given the world.

Since we missed the opportunity to show off these amazing Vine fan creations two years ago (sorry!), let’s not make the same mistake again and take a look at them now. Some of them are so good they rival Miyazaki himself in creativity:

▼ Ever wondered what was under No-Face‘s cloak? Well, now you know!

▼ A very cool Totoro made by spreading paint through water.

▼ Sen/Chihiro zooming past a bunch of Ghibli characters in this awesome animation.

▼ Totoro making a tree grow and giving a burly growl at the end.

▼ This one… geez. I wouldn’t even know how to begin making this one.

▼ Lots of Ghibli characters have come to thank their creator for, well, creating them!

▼ Totoro walking through a hall full of Miyazaki’s heroines.

▼ All of the things that fly in Ghibli movies coming together for a sky party.

▼ Some stop-motion kodama, complete with that oddly-satisfying rattle sound.

So which message to Miyazaki was your favorite? Personally that one with the black cat Jiji going in and out of Kiki’s DVD cover just blows me away every time I watch it. Now that’s some real movie magic right there.

Source: goo
Featured/top image: Vine/Brooke Hearon