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Can guess from the name what’s a Pokémon character and what’s a big data company? Some of these are surprisingly hard!

Whether you love or love to hate Pokémon, you have to admit that some of the names the monsters have are pretty crazy. Vanilluxe sounds like something I’d order at an ice-cream shop to get my monthly-dose of saturated fat and sugar, and Klink sounds like the latest trendy smartphone app that everyone is shocked to hear you don’t have.

▼ “Dude, you’ve never ordered a Vanilluxe on Klink before? You’re missing out.”

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In fact, when you take a look at the names of all the Pokémon as a whole, a lot of them sound like they’d be right at home as the name of some tech startup or big data analysis company. Twitter user @pixelastic noticed the same thing, and he decided to create a game out of it: is it a Pokémon or a big data company?

The quiz is simple enough: you’re presented with a name and you have to pick whether it’s the name of a Pokémon or a big data company. Think you’re a real Pokémon master? Then feel free to try the quiz for yourself here.

Want to see how we did? Just scroll down, but be sure to try it yourself first because spoilers abound! Also, be warned that I haven’t played Pokémon since Gold/Silver, and I have no experience in big data corporation names, so there’s a good guaranteed chance I do terribly.






▼ All right, first question: Feebas. Is this the name of a big data company, or a Pokémon? Sounds like a foreign company name, so let’s go with that.

pokemon quiz 01

▼ OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING?! Well, we’re off to a bad start!

pokemon quiz 02

▼ Okay, Gorebyss. Again, that sounds like a company name. A little fancy and whatnot.

pokemon quiz 03

▼ Ah, I should’ve known.

pokemon quiz 04

▼ I have no idea with this one either, but third time’s the charm, so let’s go with big data one more time!

pokemon quiz 05

▼ Yes! Although I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a Pokémon staring back at me either.

pokemon quiz 06

▼ Well, I got burned on big data before, so maybe this one’s a Pokémon?

pokemon quiz 07

▼ Oh come on! That sounds like it could be a rock or fighting type Pokémon easily!

pokemon quiz 08

▼ Okay, this one’s gotta be a Pokémon. Sounds like an evolution of something, Hekite into Hekaton, right?

pokemon quiz 09

▼ Well, looks like I need to practice my Pokérap.

pokemon quiz 10

After getting a few easy Red/Blue Pokémon correct like Arbok and Horsea, I ended up with a 73%. It’s really hilarious how so many of the names sound like they’d be perfectly fine either way. Is this a sign of Pokémon being super-advanced, or big data companies being run by silly name aficionados?

So how did you do? Take the test for yourself and see if you’re a real Pokémon master, or just a regular old Ash Ketchum like us.

Source: Pixelastic via Gigazine
Images: Pixelastic