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Just let us pretend for a little while that this amazing collaboration could actually happen.

Studio Ghibli is known for finding inspiration all over the place. There’s the obvious inspirations, like Kiki’s Delivery Service which was based on a book, and more subtle inspirations, like scenery, festivals, and even obscure manga that have inspired parts of other films.

So would it really be such a stretch for a Ghibli film to be inspired by a video game? Sure, some franchises like Super Mario Bros. or Star Fox would be a little weird, but The Legend of Zelda series with its magical, almost fairytale-like setting, seems like it would be a perfect fit for a Ghibli film.

And apparently that’s exactly what Tumblr artist Matt Vince was thinking when he created these gorgeous Legend of Zelda faux-movie posters in the style of a typical Ghibli film. Take a look for yourself and just try not to start wishing that this collaboration would happen:

▼ First we have Link, who looks like he’s emerging from Kokiri Forest for the first time and looking over the fields of Hyrule. (Thankfully no Navi in sight.)

zelda poster 02

▼ Next we have Princess Zelda, looking like she’s making a break from Hyrule Castle in the middle of the night to head to Kakariko Village. Such mystery!

zelda poster 01

▼ And finally we have Ganondorf. He’s not a one-dimensional evil villain here, but instead the hero of the Gerudo, fighting for his people who believe they have suffered unjustly.

zelda poster 03

So is there a way we can all start a petition to Studio Ghibli for this to become a reality? It would be a refreshing change for a movie inspired by a video game to actually turn out really good for once. Just imagine: we could finally live in a world where 1995’s Mortal Kombat was no longer the “best” video game movie ever…

Source: Tumblr/ILLOBLOG h/t Kotaku US
Images: Tumblr/ILLOBLOG