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Hilarious avatar creator FaceRig steps up their game by enabling you to become great looking anime characters as well.

Technology nowadays has advanced so far that much of it can be classified as wish-fulfillment. Take a look at FaceRig, a program that you can use to turn your avatar on Skype into almost anything you can think of.

The tech isn’t new. Just turn on Snapchat and head on over to filters to see what we are talking about. But to say that FaceRig is simply a filter is not giving the program proper credit. FaceRig maps and tracks your face and transfers that movement to the face of a fully animated avatar. Users can record video or stream the results to anything that normally uses an active webcam like Skype, Twitch, or Hangouts.

While the avatars that come with the original program are traditional CG characters, a new module that was recently released allows you to live out your anime fantasies. Using this add-on, users can now become characters that are animated in a 2D/3D style more closely mimicking the animation you are used to watching in your favorite shows.

The module also lets users import their own drawings into the program so they can bring their personal creations to life.

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▼ “I want to become a cute girl and use FaceRig Live2D Module.”

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▼ “Oh man…this is so pointless, but I want it.”

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▼ “I really like the facial expression of the last girl with the pigtails.”

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In order to use this module you will need the original FaceRig program from Holotech Studios, which you can grab on Steam for $14.99, while the FaceRig Live 2D module is $3.99. That’s a small price to pay for an unlimited amount of fun, and be sure to share your favorite avatars in the comments below.

Source: Cupo
Images: YouTube/FaceRig