russian train 05

For when you need a little more excitement in your morning train ride!

There’s a lot we take for granted in modern society: having internet access pretty much everywhere, seeing a Starbucks on every other street corner, and of course, train doors being closed while the train itself is in motion.

Apparently, though, there are places where those modern societal rules do not apply, such as on this subway in Russia. Watch the video here or scroll down for highlights:

▼ Everything seems normal so far, just some people on a subway train.

russian train 01

▼ Let’s just take a look out this open door here.

russian train 02

▼ Uh, did that thing on the wall just move by itself…
or are we moving with the doors still open?

russian train 03

Aaaand we’re out of the station with the doors still open.

russian train 08

▼ Even the other passengers have to get up to make sure this is actually happening.

russian train 04

▼ Our lady friend from earlier gets a little adventurous and goes right up to the wide-open door.

russian train 05

▼ Not wanting to be outdone, we stick our heads out of the fast-moving open door… because we’re just so careful like that.

russian train 06

▼ Is this, like, a thing on this train? That girl looks like she’s done this before.
Is open-door-subway-surfing the hot new trend or something?

russian train 07

No one’s exactly sure yet what happened here, whether it was a mechanical failure or human forgetfulness that caused the doors to stay open. If this had happened in Japan—the country where trains operators pass out delay certificates to passengers when their trains are just a few minutes behind schedule—you can be pretty sure there’d be someone there wearing a helmet putting up barriers and standing guard…

Source: YouTube/lilmaniiac via grapee
Screenshots: YouTube/lilmaniiac