Train transportation is both a blessing and a curse. Train networks make getting around extraordinarily easy, and much cheaper than owning a car. Compared to buses – which are well-known haunts of swindlers, witchcraft users and the very smelly – trains are also safe, clean and convenient.

But sometimes they present a problem, especially for those that don’t own private means of transport. Cosplayers, for instance, may have to get from A to B in costume – which, even on Halloween in Japan, can attract stares and scoffs. Or what if you want to hang out with your giant bird friends at the pub but your giant bird heads won’t fit into the car door? Circus performers, extremely drunk salarymen, movie monster extras and more have all faced this dilemma.

▼ Sad Alien 3 extra was sad because he had to take the train to work in costume.


Some might hire a taxi or even a moving truck, but others don’t have that luxury. Like these people spotted on (seemingly) Japanese trains:

▼Hey ladies!


▼ Ah, the classic salaryman sleeping photo. Will we ever know this man’s identity!?


▼ We just hope that’s a new plunger


▼ “Sorry, these seats are taken.”


▼ Oh. That’s not in the slightest bit creepy.


▼ And we’re pretty sure this train will make it safely to its destination


▼ This one not so much


▼ “Well, this is embarrassing…”


▼ “What? I don’t get to have a day off?”


What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the train? Or maybe you actually were the craziest thing others saw on the train? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Curazy
Alien photo: BBC Films