Commuter trains in Japan are known for being among the most punctual in the world. The entire rail system is a well-oil machine. When a train is scheduled to depart its station at 09:42 and arrive at its destination at 10:33, it almost always leaves the station at 9:42 and arrives at 10:33; a mind-boggling concept perhaps in some other parts of the world.

Close to 40 million passengers use the rail system daily in Tokyo alone, so when trouble does occur, it needs to be sorted out quickly. Still, it would shock anyone who has been living in risk-averse, safety-first Japan for any length of time to see their local commuter train run down the tracks with a passenger carriage door wide open.

Commuters were surprised when, contrary to their expectations of suspended service, a train with a broken door on the Musashino Line was allowed to continue operating.

The solution, a simple curtain stretched across the opening and…

… a couple of engineers in hard hats to make sure passengers don’t get too close it.
Ready to roll. Best of luck, everyone!

Source: Buzzap

Video via YouTube