Our reporter visited a dangerous torii at a Shinto shrine and almost had a heart attack

“Don’t wear headphones if you go there”: this important piece of advice will make sense in a moment.

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Discovery of unregistered radioactive substance in Japanese university shocks students

A thorough campus sweep for more traces of the dangerous chemical is underway.

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Japanese man arrested for opening door and jumping off bullet train while it was still running

The man was responsible for causing delays for dozens of trains and thousands of people.

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Half-destroyed truck seen driving down Japanese highway, astounds drivers【Video】

Should you maybe not be driving that, for safety reasons?

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Chinese man turns himself into human rollerblade, gets arrested for zooming on roads【Video】

Arguably a much preferable outcome than getting run over by cars.

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Japan’s biggest, baddest piece of playground equipment set to close down

The slide in a children’s playground in Ehime, not suitable for children, will be no more after injuries and safety worries.

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Spanish pro footballer outrages Japanese Twitter with dangerous Tokyo soccer stunt video

Gerard Piqué seems to have enjoyed his time in Japan, but Japanese Internet users aren’t so thrilled.

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New toothpick crossbow toy from China is so dangerous, it’s already banned 【Video】

Move over fidget spinners, these toothpick-firing contraptions pack a serious punch.

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Freerunner barrels down world’s largest parkour course in a thrilling POV recording 【Video】

Those knees must hurt after bounding down 999 steps in two minutes.

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“Pathway that will kill people who walk while using a smartphone” discovered in Japan

If you’re in this part of Nagoya, make sure you watch your step, not your screen.

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Man in Russian subway station pulls off the scariest (and stupidest?) jump imaginable【Video】


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Japanese “Harry Potter” seen flying over construction site【Video】

No need to go to Universal Studios when you have a crane and a piece of timber.

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Video compilation shows all the hilarious (and dangerous) ways to ride a bike in China

These Chinese cyclists are here to make your morning commute more interesting.

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Every commuter’s nightmare: doors fail to close on moving Russian subway train

For when you need a little more excitement in your morning train ride!

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Woman in China misses bus stop, jumps out of bus window instead 【Video】

Missing your bus stop has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. You’re trapped inside a vehicle going increasingly further away from the place you wanted to go, you’re suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar territory, and you’re going to have to waste a lot of time just to get back to your original destination.

Still, no matter how bad it gets, most people would never even think to attempt what one Chinese woman did. After realizing that she missed her stop, she climbed out of the bus’s window to exit as quickly as possible. Read on and watch the insane video, but whatever you do, be sure not to try this at home!

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Air conditioner installation in China is for acrobats, not acrophobics 【Video】

If you’re ever had the misfortune of having to lift an air-conditioning unit, you’ll know that they’re actually pretty heavy. After all, they’re essentially big, unwieldy metal boxes filled with even more bits of metal, so you’d probably want someone to help you out if you had to install one in your home.

But not this man in China – no, he’d rather do things his own way. Even if that means shuffling along the outside ledge of an eye-wateringly high apartment building and stepping over the gap while carrying the air-conditioning unit all by himself.

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Video from India shows fast way to load construction equipment…or die, whichever comes first

If you were charged with the task of putting a mini excavator like to one pictured above onto a flatbed truck in under two minutes, what would you do? If you’re like most people you’d probably find a ramp of some sort.

Or, if you have just that right balance of gutsiness and lack of self-preservation instinct, you might do what these guys in India did. Luckily, they recorded it on video for our enjoyment and as evidence preventing any lawsuit against the makers of the excavator.

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Aerial athletes compete in the 2014 Wingsuit World Flying Contest in China

Introducing wingsuit flying, perhaps the most daring, adrenaline-inducing extreme sport ever to be performed on this planet.

“Wait, that kind of thing actually exists? Where can I join in the fun?” is what some of our more adventurous readers may be thinking right now. Well, we can confidently say that the sport exists – and already has quite the following, for that matter – though we’re not so sure about the fun part. Either way, you may want to check out just how crazy the competition is before you sign up for next year’s world event…

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Sapporo police speechless after discovering one man’s creative use for a bomb: a door stopper

In this age of mass consumption where wasteful packaging is overused and people pour perfectly clean water over themselves for attention on the Internet, one of the best ways to counteract our increasingly wasteful society is to simply reuse items that would otherwise be headed for the dump.

But one wannabe environmentalist in Sapporo may have taken his pledge to save the earth a little bit too far when he “recycled” an old Japanese Imperial Army bomb into a rustic, and extremely dangerous, door stopper.

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LadyBeard is stirring up a storm with a “dangerous” new tweet! 【Photos】

LadyBeard is certainly making a name for himself in Japan. RocketNews24 has covered some of his antics before, here and here. His popularity in Japan continues to grow and grow as evidenced by his Twitter account which has almost 45,000 followers! One of his latest tweets has been shared across the twitterverse over 1,000 times! What in the world could this be about? The answers and more, so much more, after the break!

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