This video might not help you ace a final, but it will definitely help you get motivated to study Japanese history.

Japanese history can be pretty complicated and detailed when you start looking at all the specifics, but if you’re looking for a quick review from pre-history to modern times, this video will certainly get the job done!

Titled simply and directly “history of japan,” this nine-minute, highly stylized YouTube video, complete with 90s-style animation and musical highlights, features humorous narration that will help you remember everything you learned (and then forgot) in class.

But our description can’t do it justice — you’ll just have to watch it to get the full enjoyment!

While this certainly won’t replace your textbook or your professor, we do have to say the video is hugely enjoyable — and we wish more educational videos made the effort to have fun with their subjects!

As for the person who created it, it seems that Bill Wurtz is a musician/YouTuber who’s been active online for quite some time! Though it looks like most of his older videos were only a few seconds long…but no less humorous!

▼ Like this!

▼ And this!

Hopefully Bill will make more long explanation videos — we’ll certainly be looking forward to them! Maybe even a video about science?

Source/images: YouTube/bill wurtz