Kahlúa, the sweet coffee-based liqueur, is getting a Japanese makeover from Suntory Spirits and will be available in matcha flavor!.

While originally from Mexico, Kahlúa is a popular liqueur in Japan, especially with the ladies, when turned into a sweet cocktail mixed with milk. Since coffee and milk flavored drinks, albeit non-alcoholic ones, known as coffee gyunyu, literally “coffee milk”, have been popular with children (and adults too, for that matter) in Japan for a long time, it’s not surprising that Kahlúa would have a certain amount of appeal to Japanese consumers nostalgic for something reminiscent of that sweet coffee milk taste they enjoyed as kids.

Now, Suntory has come up with a Kahlúa product developed specifically for the Japanese market: Kahlúa Matcha! Yes, it’s a liqueur with the usual rich coffee-infused sweetness of Kahlúa combined with the flavor and aroma of matcha green tea.


Plus, they’ve even given us two yummy sounding recipes in their press release.

1. Kahlúa Matcha Milk

Mix one part Kahlúa Matcha with three parts milk. Add some powdered matcha if you want to add more green tea flavor. This should give you a rich yet mild drink gently scented with the aroma of matcha.

2. Hot Kahlúa Matcha Soy Milk

Mix one part Kahlúa Matcha with three parts warm soy milk. Add kinako (roasted soy bean powder) to taste to enhance the soy flavor for a relaxing hot drink.

Now, doesn’t that make you want to grab a bottle of Kahlúa Matcha and mix a drink right now?

The Kahlúa Matcha will be available across Japan starting March 1 in 700-milliliter (23.7-ounce) and 200-milliliter (6.8-ounce) bottles priced at 1,480 yen (US$12.30) and 780 yen, respectively. It seems the liqueur will be on sale as a regular item for the time being, so visitors to Japan may have the chance to buy some of this sweet stuff at the local super market or liquor shop. It should be fun seeing how coffee, matcha and alcohol mix!

Source, images: Suntory press release