Ninety seconds is all you need to reach the “happily ever after” ending of this super-cute video.

Take a journey through Disney’s Mickey & Friends, Donald Duck, Toy Story, and Snow White with this cute short filmed entirely without the use of CG.

The video is actually an advertisement from Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank, promoting their new Disney Style monthly service full of exclusive, classic-style Disney content and over 500 customizable smartphone themes.

▼ Users will also get access to cute Disney emoji, the option of changing their mobile e-mail address to @disney.ne.jp, and unlimited use of all the smartphone themes on the site.



While the service unfortunately doesn’t make any promises to suck you into your own fairy tale, it’s guaranteed to make your phone look adorable by adding “A Little Bit of Everyday Magic”, as the advertisement’s title suggests.

▼ Handsome prince not included, unfortunately


And if the video leaves you feeling a little more inspired to add some Disney flair to your wardrobe than your mobile, be sure to check out the Disney Store for grown-ups in Harajuku full of all kinds of dreamy clothing and accessories.

Source: YouTube/SoftBank
Feature/insert images: YouTube/SoftBank, SoftBank/Disney Style