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It looks like it belongs in Japan, but it’s another Asian country that’s laid claim to the delicious-looking sweet.

As the home of the sought-after matcha Kit Kat, along with a myriad other green tea-based sweets and delicacies, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this awesome new ice cream for a Japan-only release. It turns out, however, that it’s people in Thailand who were first able to enjoy the Kit Kat Green Tea Ice cream, when it first appeared on the market last year.

Excited tourists have been tweeting pictures of the unusual ice cream while on their travels to the south-east Asian country, and it turns out the sweet has also been spotted in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Now, a recent news article in Japan has just reported that the ice cream has been released in Vietnam, with sales officially starting on 16 February.

What’s more, the ice cream is being sold at Japanese-born FamilyMart and Ministop stores around the country. With the product now inching closer and closer to Japanese shores, could this mean that we might be seeing this product in Japan in the near future, perhaps with a matcha Kit Kat piece sitting in the middle? With it looking as mouth-watering as this, we certainly hope so!

Source: Vietjo
Top Image: Twitter/@theleydybug (edited by RocketNews24)