Japan’s SoftBank Corporation recently put together a typically bizarre commercial to advertise their new student discount service, and held a press conference to announce it. In attendance was the famous SoftBank dog, and a couple of large pears, who all got a little over-excited. When dealing with huge talents like these, things don’t always go to plan…

Now before you get completely confused, let’s add some background info. SoftBank is one of Japan’s leading phone carriers, whose famous mascot is a white shiba dog known as ‘Otosan’, or ‘Father’. Otosan is a talking dog with a human family. Nothing too strange about that, right? Otosan can be a bit of a grump, but he’s always got his paw on the pulse of the latest telecommunications technology.

In the new advert, Otosan is joined by Japanese talent Makoto Nonomura, and the hugely popular mascot Funasshi. What is Funasshi, exactly? Actually, he’s a ‘pear fairy’, who represents the city of Funabashi. Pear is ‘nashi’ in Japanese, so nashi + Funabashi = Funasshi. The unofficial mascot is huge in Japan right now, and someone somewhere decided it would fit right into a SoftBank commercial. Why? Who knows.

After creating the bizarre advert above, SoftBank held a press conference with its stars, which got a little out of hand…

It’s clear from the beginning that Otosan doesn’t seem particularly thrilled to be dragged up on stage with two large pears, particularly since he can’t chase after them. After putting up with a few minutes of incomprehensible running and screaming, he’s obviously decided the event was beneath him. He gives the event’s organisers the dog’s version of the middle finger: The raised leg.

But the show’s not over yet! During his energetic bounding, one Funasshi loses an eyebrow, and when the presenter bends over to pick it up it some animal instinct get the better of Otosan! Well, you can’t blame him for being agitated by the sight of two large yellow pears running around and squealing at each other. When the adrenaline’s flowing a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!

Everyone seems almost relieved when, partway through, the talent’s had enough. He stalks off the stage and… ooh, what’s in that bag? Is that for me? 

Whoever organized this might be in for some stick at the office tomorrow! But for the rest of us, it makes for some hilarious ‘WTF Japan?’ viewing.


Source: Hachima Kikou