Because normal guitar picks are for babies!

Li-sa-X rocketed to Internet fame a few years ago thanks to a video showing her playing “Fives,” a complicated guitar rock tune, as an eight-year-old. Not only was she able to perform the song well, but she made it look easy!

Now the young girl is back making headlines thanks to a starring role in a debit card commercial — not bad for an 11-year-old!

▼ Li-sa-X playing “Metal Lullaby” using a debit card as a pick

We suppose we should be annoyed at her for waking everyone up with all that racket — but we have a feeling that no one there or at home is going to complain about a bit of midnight headbanging. And in case there was any doubt in your mind, Japan Net Bank clearly stated in the video description that what we’re hearing is the sound of Risa actually playing the guitar with a debit card!

▼ Because she needed a real challenge after easily slaying this Dream Theater song.

We’d like to say that the young guitarist has clearly become even better since she first exploded on the world stage…but we honestly couldn’t even begin to measure her skill. Let’s just say that we’re even more impressed and look forward to seeing whatever Li-sa-X has planned for the future!

And if you need some metal accessories to wear while rocking out to Li-sa-X’s tunes, be sure to check out this Hello Kitty skull ring. It won’t magically give you the ability to play like her, but it will definitely help you fit in next time she wakes the neighborhood up while playing some tasty riffs!

Featured image: YouTube/JapanNetBankofficial
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