Man learns the dangers of playing vending machine Russian Roulette.

Vending machines in Japan are fascinating. We’re reported on many a wacky jihanki (as they’re called in Japanese) in the past, but there’s been a growing trend for “mystery” machines in recent years. If you like gambling, taking a chance on a random drink might be a fun thing to try. After all, when you’re thirsty enough, pretty much anything will do, whether it’s canned coffee, tea, or a sports drink.

But recently, a thirsty vending machine patron got trolled hard by one of the mystery units, and turned to Twitter to express his disappointment.

It turns out that this vending machine took a very loose interpretation of what constitutes a “drink,” and the man ended up with nothing but a bottle of salty cooking/dipping sauce with which to quench his thirst.

The unfortunate sauce recipient even ended up on the news.

Hmm, we wonder if he’ll get a refund from the company who owns the vending machine. Still, 100 yen (US$0.85) for sauce isn’t such a bad deal.

So, if you were in this man’s shoes, would you drink that sauce?

Source: Twitter@keiii1128 via Jin
Top image: Twitter@keiii1128 via Jin (edited by RocketNew24)
Insert images: Twitter@keiii1128 via Jin