Made in Japan fashion brand yucasii tokyo releases a full line of dresses designed with Japanese paper prints in mind.

In 2014, Japanese fashion designer Yuka Yoshida began her yucasii fashion label, its namesake taken from yukashii, an older Japanese word meaning “high quality” and “refined”.

The high quality part of the brand stems from keeping its production domestic, which each piece manufactured from start to finish within Japan.

With her most recent collection, titled Dear My Roots, Yoshida collaborated with a number of local artisans, paying homage to her Japanese heritage through the use of traditional paper patterns.



Last year a number dresses from the collection were worn by Japanese television announcers and celebrities like TV Asahi’s Ayaka Ogawa and actress Wakako Shimazaki, in addition to being featured last month in this year’s February edition of the Japanese Magazine In Red.


The brand’s fresh, airy designs are perfect for spring and summer, and come in a number of rectangular, straight, asymmetrical, and different neckline cuts to accentuate your figure. The only caveat is that these dresses only come in one size, and each piece will cost you a pretty yenny at 32,400–62,640 yen (US$288–$556) a pop.

If you live on Japan’s main island of Honshu, you can see the collection in person by visiting their Tokyo boutique in Shibuya or clothing retailer Permanent Modern in Kumomoto City, Kumomoto Prefecture. Additionally, this summer from June 22–28, the brand plans on participating in a short exhibition at the Hakata Daimaru in Fukuoka City.

For those abroad, they have an online store here, and their items are carried by a handful of shops in Singapore and Taiwan.

Source: yucasii tokyo via Japaaan Magazine
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