If you’re more a leg kind of guy or gal, you’ll definitely want to check out Stellar’s “Sting” music video.

It seems like most music videos featuring female Asian idols, or good-looking women in general, usually include a lot of face close-ups, but in this video by Korean pop group Stellar, it’s all about the members’ legs.

Made up four members: Ga-young, Min-hee, Hyo-eun and Jun-yool, Stellar debuted in 2011 under the management of Erin Mun, member of the hit K-pop group Shinwha. Although the video for their most recent video, “Sting”, has been out for more than a month now, it’s just now made its way to Japan where leg-crazy netizens—this is the land of the zettai ryouiki, after all—can’t help but hit the re-play button.

▼ Bare legs…


▼ Legs in stockings…


▼ We bet some of you would love to trade places with the cameraman!


What if you’ve one of those people who have the hots for girls in tights instead? Not to fear: Stellar doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the dance video version. (The group appears in tights around the 58-second mark.)

Despite how leg-heavy both versions of the music video are, however, the lyrics describe a couple that appears to be headed straight for heartbreak hotel. Are all those leg shots there to try to entice him back, or is she just trying to show him what he’ll be missing out on when they split for good? Your guess is as good as ours!

Source: YouTube/Official STELLAR  (1, 2) via Zaeega
Feature/insert images: YouTube/Official STELLAR