With their talent, these young girls could be the next pop sensation!

Thanks to the Internet and the wonderful rabbit hole that is YouTube, it’s easy to find tons of amazing song covers of any genre. Anime themes, pop hits, video game music; you name a song, and there’s probably dozens of covers of it in tons of different musical styles on YouTube.

But how many actual music video covers have you seen (besides the strange Internet sensation that is Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)? And out of those, how many are made by schoolkids?

That’s what makes Deksorkrao so awesome. They’re a quartet of four elementary school-age girls from a rural town in Thailand, and they replicate K-pop videos to a T, but what’s extra special about them is they manage to recreate the high-budget, glittering world of K-pop within their simple country lives.

Deksorkrao is made up of Mommaem, Kungten, Som, and Kwang, who are between the ages of seven and ten years old. They’re huge fans of the popular K-Pop group BLACKPINK, and they love to cover the group’s edgy and flashy music videos. They don’t have access to the fancy clothes, shiny cars, and sparkling jewelry featured in BLACKPINK’s videos, but these girls prove that you don’t need bling to put on a fantastic performance if you’re resourceful enough. Instead, they use ordinary household objects to get the job done.

▼ Here they are using a wagon cart instead of a car in “Whistle”.

Besides, not having the right props doesn’t even matter when you have the right attitude. They may not be trained pop stars, but even at 10 years old or younger, Deksorkrao’s performances rival BLACKPINK’s. They’re masters of the smoldering look, of striking dramatic poses, and even of lip-syncing in Korean and English. Plus, their dance moves are on point; they’re able to replicate BLACKPINK’s hip-swinging K-pop choreography easily. At the end of the day, you don’t even notice that they’re performing with ordinary items in a small-town setting.

Thankfully, the power of their performances is properly captured on a good quality camera, with excellent directing. The videos are produced by one member’s older brother, Sitthichai Rakpinit, who is an undeniably talented cinematographer and videographer. He manages to capture the shots almost exactly, and the aesthetic of the videos is also perfectly replicated, in spite of the low-budget tools at hand.

The group’s YouTube channel has many different lip-sync videos of Thai and American pop, dating from up to three years ago, but this year it seems they’ve upped their game by replicating whole music videos. At the same time, the quality of the girls’ performance and of Sitthichai’s videography and editing has also visibly improved, and as their talent has grown, so has their popularity; the group currently has 298,000 subscribers on YouTube, 412,000 followers on Facebook and 28,500 followers on Instagram!

▼ Their latest upload, “Ddu-du Ddu-du”, has almost 4 million views!

▼ Side-by-side comparison of BLACKPINK’s and Deksorkrao’s “Ddu-du Ddu-du” video

This group of girls and the big brother behind them are undeniably talented, so perhaps one day we’ll see them become world-famous. In the meantime we can look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Source: NextShark
Top Image: YouTube/Deksorkrao
Insert Images: YouTube/Deksorkrao (1, 2)