People in Japan can’t tear their eyes away from this beauty’s incredibly long pins.

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Women’s thighs-themed cafe in Tokyo lets you admire legs while eating curry, spaghetti

Specialized photographer helps serve a very specialized dining niche.

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Japanese Twitter goes ga-ga over artist showing off how to easily draw the perfect pair of legs

Just four steps to be able to step around in some well-drawn legs.

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New Tokyo “art exhibition” showcasing women’s thighs just in time for Christmas.

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Leg-lovers will be pleased to know that Japanese artist Yuria is continuing her foray into the world of thighs.

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Tantalizing Osaka advertisement lures in certain unsuspecting, unsober passersby

A rather risqué advertisement somewhere in Osaka has been drawing quite the attention from passersby. It exploded in popularity when one Japanese Twitter user uploaded a picture of the poster online for the world to see. But just what about it, besides some woman’s attractively long legs, makes it such a brilliant advertising scheme? Wait till you read what said Twitter user said he saw one person doing beneath the picture. 

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What do black holes and Gundam have in common? Here’s a hint: Schwarzschild!

Here’s a riddle for you: What do Gundam and black holes have in common? And, no, it has nothing to with giant robots or CERN-style technology gone crazy. It’s actually about…fashion.

Well, fashion might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we’ll give you a hint. What’s weird about the way Fumina Hoshino, from the new Gundam Build Fighters Try, wears her skirt?

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【TGS 2012】 The Creepiest Game of the Show (So Far): Leg Massaging Action

Tokyo Game Show: home to videogames, freebies, pretty girls and people who love all of the above.

Of all the titles I saw during my visit today, smart-phone game company mobile_one’s Kaikan Ashitsubo Massage (lit. Pleasurable leg massage) definitely wins my award for “Most Borderline Creepy”.  Read More

Eat like a Champ, Eat with a Woman’s Legs, Just Remember to Remove the Stockings First

So by now all us alpha-males have purchased our bathing beauty iPhone cases, but are left wondering: How do I hypnotize the ladies with my machismo during meals?  It would be rude to pull out one’s mobile phone while eating after all.

Well, picture this: Just before having dinner with that lucky lady you slowly and gently peel down the stockings along those smooth and silky legs – of your sexy lady chop sticks!

Trust me boys, the deal will be sealed after that.

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