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Orangina fans in Japan are soon going to have a chewy reason to celebrate.

What was born at a trade fair in France lives on to this day as the carbonated citrus drink we all know as Orangina. The drink has gained popularity in Japan after the beverage giant Suntory acquired the beverage back in 2009, and, Starting on March 29, you’ll be able to carry around the brilliant taste in your pocket in gummy form!

orangina 1

Produced by Tokyo-based food company Lotte, these tasty little treats are shaped like the classic bottle the drink comes in and will contain a hint of orange peel to enhance the flavor. You’ll be able to find a pouch at your local convenience store and supermarkets for only 180 yen (US$1.60).


You can never get enough Orangina, so feel free to double-fist with a bottle in one hand and a few gummies in the other. Orange you glad we brought this to your attention?

Source: Entabe
Images: PR Times