Instead of resorting to punishment, this supermarket manager tries to solve the root of the problem in this heartwarming tale of second chances.

It is easy to condemn a criminal — in this case, a shoplifter — if you’ve never been faced with a situation dire enough that committing a crime seemed like the only solution. But where others would just call the police, Malaysian supermarket general manager Radzuan Ma’asan instead saw a poor man in need.

The man in question was caught stealing fruit and drinks from a Tesco supermarket in Bukit Mertajam. But rather than try to escape or deny any wrongdoing, the man immediately confessed, explaining that he’d tried to steal the food because his children were hungry.

ID-100112106 (1)Image: FreeDigitalPhotos/ adamr

“I had never come across thieves who admitted their act so easily… He also told us that he was unable to work as he has to look after his three children, aged two to seven,” Radzuan was reported saying.

The man, who remains unnamed, explained to Radzuan that he had quit his job as a contractor to take care of his children after his wife fell into a coma the week prior, due to complications during childbirth. Hearing the man’s predicament, Radzuan knew that he couldn’t report the incident to authorities. Instead, he offered the shoplifter a job, financial assistance, and help with enrolling the man’s seven-year-old son in school.

We can only imagine the gratitude this man must feel for Radzuan — not only for the financial support but also for the general manager’s compassion. And, we have to say, we can’t help feeling a bit of gratitude to Radzuan for reminding us just how awesome people can be!

Source: Kicker Daily News
Top image: Wikipedia/Rodhullandemu, LinkedIn (edited by RocketNews24)