A bus in Zhengzhou City, China, became a cage-match on wheels after thighs were touched and apologies were denied.

As can be seen in the footage caught by this bus’ surprising number of cameras, during a brief stop to allow passengers to disembark, the hand of a man sitting in a seat near to the exit doors can be seen seemingly brushing against the thigh of his female neighbor.


Determining it to be an inappropriate touch, the woman stands up, turns to the man and demands that he apologize.

With the man seemingly refusing to apologize, an argument ensues, and the woman takes a couple of shots at the man’s head.

From there, the woman finds a conveniently placed bucket of water and splashes it at her opponent. She then hurls the bucket itself at the man, who deflects it right out an open window.

Things escalate even further when the woman uses the handrails to deliver some dropkicks, which in turn leave her open for a counter attack from the man.

From here, the dispute turns into an all-out brawl. More surprising than how spacious this bus appears to be, is how well the woman holds her own, controlling most of the fight and sending her alleged molester into the handrails several times.

However, in the end the man locked her up, and the bystanders finally got involved, breaking the two up while the driver called in the authorities.

Both amateur fighters were taken into custody for questioning, and it remains unclear whether this was simply a misunderstanding or a genuine attempt by the man to grope. Nevertheless, it’s a reminder to always mind where you put your hands on public transportation, lest you want to incur the wrath of an ice hockey prodigy like this woman clearly is.

Source: YouTube/Ming Pao Multimedia Channel (Chinese) via Toychan (Japanese)
Images: YouTube/Ming Pao Multimedia Channel