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Saga Prefectures goes super high-resolution on us, really gives would-be visitors something to look at…

While plenty of towns and prefectures in Japan are hopping on the video advertising train to help boost tourism, Saga Prefecture is pandering to the hi-tech crowd by offering their videos in super high-definition.

You won’t see or hear any promotional videos better looking or sounding than these, and the Saga Travel Support group wants to be sure that you understand that.

▼ Fair warning: the video might be considered slightly NSFW

Hi-Res and 4K get new mascots thanks to the samurai boys of Saga! Showing off a bit of “high leg”, the prefecture knows exactly what sort of imagery will work best.

▼ SEX! Now that we have your attention…

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▼ So, yeah, Saga Prefecture. You should totally visit…

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Despite the “cheeky” nature of the above promotional video, the other high-resolution videos on Saga’s official webpage are legitimately impressive, featuring things like the Saga International Balloon Festival, Karatsu Kunchi Festival, and Imari and Arita Pottery. You’ll need to have the proper equipment to get the full effect of these beautiful videos, but even on a standard screen we think you’ll agree that they’re pretty special.

▼ International Balloon Festival

▼ Imari and Arita Pottery

▼ Takeo Onsen

▼ Kunenon

The only catch of uploading these amazing videos is that people might feel like they can just stay at home instead of making the trip out to Saga! Still, we’re sure those legs will pull in at least a handful of legitimate visitors…

Source: Zaeega
Top Image: YouTube/SAGA TRAVEL SUPPORT [Official]