Sakura leaves are beautiful whether they’re clinging to trees or fallen on the ground.

This years has produced a gorgeous display of sakura petals for the annual hanami revelers to enjoy. Sadly, the cherry blossoms don’t hang around too long, and the beautiful petals are already starting to scatter. Fortunately, they go out with a gorgeous bang — there’s even a term for cherry blossoms floating in the air: “Sakura fubuki,” 桜吹雪, which could be literally translated as “sakura blizzard.”

And we have to admit, the poetic phrase is surprisingly evocative — as well as accurate. Here are a few of the gorgeous photos Twitter users have shared of Japan’s beautiful fallen cherry blossoms.

▼ This photo, taken along the Philosopher’s Walk in Tokyo, has been super popular.

▼ This video of a duck swimming through sakura-coated water is simply adorable!

▼ Another great destination for cherry blossoms is Yasukuni Shrine.

▼ This image of koi and sakura is so perfect it could be a painting.



▼ These photos really do look like a blizzard has just rolled through!



▼ This Twitter user got a little artistic with her pictures.


▼ The Dutch angle works surprisingly well for cherry blossom photography!


There are still a few cherry blossoms on the trees, but we doubt they’ll last much longer. So get out and enjoy them while you can!

And when you get done admiring those cherry blossoms (or if you’re just stuck inside today), be sure to check out Sputniko!’s new video. It features love zombies!

Source: Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@takuyama_3