Sakura shine on with beautiful bottles and more.

An often overlooked part of sakura season is that Japan actually has a few different types of cherry blossom trees. So while you’ll primarily hear people talking about when the somei yoshino trees, the most common type, are going to bloom, other sakura show up at slightly different times.

In a parallel to that, Starbucks Japan has announced its second round of sakura drinkware for 2021, proving that there’s really no limit to the power of Japan’s favorite flower to inspire elegantly cute graphic design.

In contrast to the first batch’s poetically gossamer theme of “sakura breath,” the new collection’s motif is the easier to grasp “Spring Bloom,” which in terms of aesthetics translates into bolder colors and other types of flora occasionally guest-starring with the in-full-bloom cherry blossoms.

The lineup (closeups below) consists of:

1. Spring Bloom Bottle (355 milliliters [12 ounces]) 2,000 yen (US$19)
2. Flower Charm Bottle (473 milliliters) 2,600 yen
3. Spring Bloom Stainless Create Your Tumbler (473 milliliters) 2,900 yen
4. Silicone Strap Petal Bottle (355 milliliters) 4,200 yen
5. Floral Tile Stainless Steel Bottle (360 milliliters) 4,000 yen
6. Spring Bloom Handy Stainless Steel Bottle (500 milliliters) 4,500 yen
7. Butterfly Handle Mug (296 milliliters) 2,000 yen

8. Pearl White Stainless Steel Tumbler (355 milliliters) 3,500 yen
9. Pearl Lavender White Stainless Steel Tumbler (355 milliliters) 3,500 yen
10. Spring Icon Covered Stainless Steel Bottle (355 milliliters) 4,000 yen
11. Spring Bloom Stainless Steel Mini Bottle (355 milliliters) 4,000 yen
12. Sakura 2021 Heat-Resistant Glass Mug (355 milliliters) 2,500 yen
13. Spring Icon Mug (355 milliliters) 2,100 yen
14. Sakura 2021 Clip Set 1,500 yen

While these sakura items won’t flutter away in the breeze like actual cherry blossom petals, the unwavering popularity of Starbucks’ drinkware means they’ll probably start selling out quickly. The entire lineup goes on sale February 22 through the Starbucks Japan online store and two days later, February 24, at Starbucks branches in Japan. Oh, and if you are stopping by a physical location, don’t forget that they’re also offering sakura donuts and cake.

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Source: Starbucks Japan via Entabe
Images: Starbucks Japan
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