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Items required to play this game: Wii U. Controller. Tissues.

Last summer when Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata passed away, it left a mark on the gaming community like few other events have. There was an outpouring of emotion, in the form of fanmade artwork, in-game tributes, and even an entire emotional documentary.

And now, nine months later, Iwata’s legacy is living on with the release of Star Fox Zero. Development began on the game while he was still president of Nintendo, and to honor his memory, the ending credits have a special message dedicated to the late video game industry icon.

▼ “This game is dedicated to our wingman who fell in battle.”

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Ah, geez. I don’t usually cry at the end of games, but… hat’s a powerful hit right in the feels. Even though the message doesn’t mention Iwata specifically, it’s very clear who they’re referring to.

Nintendo has currently pulled all online videos showing the ending credits, so we’ll have to wait for the official release to see the rest. Until then, it’s wonderful to see Iwata’s memory kept alive in the exact way he would’ve wanted: though the games that he loved so much.

Source: Trusted Reviews via Hachima Kiko
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