Police couldn’t help but think something might be afoot upon hearing the man ask, “Is it a crime to date a 15-year-old?”

Toshio Okazaki, an unemployed 45-year-old resident of Odawara City, Japan, was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of entering into a sexual relationship with a minor.

According to Kanagawa police, Okazaki met the 15-year-old girl last September via a smartphone messaging app and began dating her with the hope that they would eventually marry.

In October, during a meeting at the accused’s home, Okazaki is said to have taken semi-naked photos of the third-year middle school student with his smartphone. Then, in January this year, he is suspected of having committed an “indecent act” on the same girl.

But it wasn’t until February until police were tipped off to the under-aged affair when Okazaki himself called them on the telephone. His question to officers, “Is it a crime to date a 15-year-old girl?”, triggered an investigation that resulted in the discovery of 11 smartphone photos which Okazaki admitted having taken.

Perhaps one of the key lessons to be learned here is that there is no better way to get legal advice than by contacting your local police department. If you’ve committed a crime or are planning to do so, just call the police now and save the time of reading through legal papers and the cost of consulting a lawyer—their certified legal experts will be glad to give you free advice around the clock!

Source: Sankei News (Japanese)
Top image: RocketNews24