Forming a promotional flash mob in China’s Sichuan Province, these ladies impressed not with singing and dancing, but with their graceful silhouettes.

When many of us think of Chinese fashion, one of the first images to pop into our minds is the cheongsam. But this form-fitting take on the traditional qipao dress didn’t, in fact, emerge until the early 20th century.

Historians can’t seem to agree on where the cheongsam originated, but one thing they can agree on is that this spectacular garment, created as a take on one-piece Manchu dress styles from the Qing Dynasty, became one of the most popular clothing items worn by Han Chinese women during the 1920s.

Now, almost a century later, it’s become one of the most iconic markers of Chinese fashion. It’s even been adopted by national companies like Sichuan Airlines as event wear in the past, and more recently by flight attendant hopefuls who came together to form a flash mob in Chengdu on April 13.

These ladies looked stunning in their dresses as they graciously posed for photos and onlookers as part of a promotional effort that not only captured local attention, but even managed to catch the attention of multiple media outlets.

Laced with historical significance and an air of refinement, perhaps in the future more airlines will find a way incorporate the cheongsam style into their regular flight attendant wardrobe. Not only would it set them apart from other airlines, we imagine passengers would be just as delighted to see them as these flash mob onlookers in Chengdu felt.

Source: Facebook/People’s Daily, China
Feature/top image: Facebook/People’s Daily, China

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