Planes are never especially pleasant places to be. Even up in first class, you’re stuck in your seat for hours on end with no chance of stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, and with so many bodies packed into the same metal tube, it’s inevitable that the air starts to get a bit stale after a while. On the plus side, the worst you’ll have to deal with is a bit of body odor or your neighbor’s stinky snack food and not the overwhelming stench of a Greyhound port-a-potty.

Well, unless you happened to be on this flight from Beijing to Detroit last week…

According to the World Journal, an American-based, Chinese-language newspaper which mostly targets Chinese people living overseas, a young boy answered the call of nature on an international flight in a less-than-ideal way, with the cabin of the Delta Airlines flight suddenly being filled with an almighty stench.

The owner of the hot mess was apparently a young boy. Now, your first thought might be, “Hey, he’s just a kid; accidents happen!” But reports indicate that the actual situation was quite different. Apparently, when the kid began to feel that familiar rumbling calling him to the restroom, the adults he was traveling with whipped out some newspapers, spread them over the seat the child had been sitting in and told him to do his business there and then.

▼Maybe it smells like blue…

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Other passengers, of course, noticed the proceedings and asked that the kid be taken to the appropriate place for pooping. But despite the repeated requests, including those from a flight attendant, the kid’s grandfather apparently refused to take the boy to the bathroom. In the end, the deuce was dropped and, as you might imagine, the cabin began to smell like…well, like someone had pooped on a newspaper spread over a seat.

Why did this happen? Why hadn’t the flight attendant demanded rather than politely requesting that the child be taken to the bathroom? Well, according to Radio Free Asia, one Taiwanese airline employee they spoke with said that there aren’t any laws about children defecating on airlines. It sounds absurd, but the employee was quoted as saying that since it’s technically legal, all staff can do is offer “suggestions.” Surely, though, there are laws against a child’s guardians instructing them to go number-two in their seat rather than taking them to the restroom!? Maybe some lawyers specializing on airline defecation can weigh in here?

Of course, it goes without saying that this family’s indiscretion is something we should all try to avoid in the future. Remember, if you’re ever on a flight and you or your little one needs to poop, do your fellow passengers a favor and head to the throne room. This has been a PSA from people with sensitive noses.

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Feature image: RocketNews24

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