What makes the perfect wife? Of course, opinions vary across cultures and even from person to person, but a regional branch of The China Times newspaper, Chongqing Daily, think they pinpointed ten specific conditions and characteristics that the perfect wife would possess. To test their theory, the newspaper surveyed over 700 of their female readers in Chongqing City, Southwestern China, asking them if they agreed or disagreed with the newspaper’s description of the ideal wife. What are the ten perceived requirements for the perfect female partner? Read on to find out!

1) Above all else, she should practice filial piety (well, she at least has to be respectful of the in-laws).
*Keep in mind, young married couples usually move in with the husband’s family.

Agree: 94.44%
Disagree: 5.56%

▼ Reverence for elders is a long-standing and important Chinese custom.


2) Even if she’s busy, she makes sure the housework is done, and done well.

Agree: 94.82%
Disagree: 5.18%

▼ We’re starting to understand why Mulan was not cut out for matchmaking…


3) She should quit any prior jobs and focus on being a homemaker.

Agree: 85.21%
Disagree: 14.79%

▼ All girls aspire to be good housewives, right?


4) She should love her husband from the bottom of her heart and value a happy married life.

Agree: 91.02%
Disagree: 8.98%

▼ Wives should be as devoted as swans.


5) She should be cordial with the next three neighbors on both sides − Make friends, not enemies.

Agree: 95.20%
Disagree: 4.80%

▼ Mr. Rogers knows what makes a good wife.

good neighbor

6) She should consider the family’s reputation in everything she says and does.

Agree: 91.78%
Disagree: 8.22%

▼ Joan Jett would not be an ideal wife because she “doesn’t give a damn about [her] reputation”.


7) She should be the mother of everyone’s dreams; attending to the child’s physical and mental needs.

Agree: 94.18%
Disagree: 5.82%

▼ Is Mrs. Clever the perfect mom?


8) She should only return to her parent’s home if there is a disagreement with the in-laws, stay no longer than three days and not talk badly about the in-laws while she’s there (Okay…)

Agree: 59.67%
Disagree: 40.33%

▼ Don’t be gone long if you want to stay on good terms with the in-laws.


9) She should not fuss over how much money the in-laws spend on utilities and daily living.

Agree: 64.73%
Disagree: 35.27%

▼ Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to family.


10) She should be beautiful, smart and funny.

Agree: 27.05%
Disagree: 72.95%

▼ Natalie Portman is often referred to as being saishokukenbi, “a woman gifted with both intelligence and beauty,” but is she funny enough to be the perfect wife?


While many thought that it would be impossible for any single woman to uphold all ten factors, for the most part the ladies agreed with the traits−except for number ten, with which most vehemently disagreed (and we can’t blame them!). It’s pretty clear what the average Chongqing woman feels about these qualities, but we wonder how the men of Chongqing perceive the “perfect wife.” As always, we’d love to hear from you — let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: J.People
Images: Wikimedia Commons (1, 3, 4 (Allen Watkin), 6 (Curtis Guy Stankalis), 7 , 9, 10 (Josh Jensen), Fanpop (2), Mad Mike’sAmerica (5), Pixabay (8)