It will come as a surprise to many that the biggest online shopping day in the world is not Cyber Monday, but November 11.

China’s Singles Day, held on a date made up of auspicious number ones, has evolved into an online shopping bonanza for retailers (remember the guy who chose to declare his love by buying 99 new iPhones?). And Singles Day spending keeps going up and up: this year, Chinese consumers spent a record-breaking 57.1 billion yuan (US $9.3 billion) with Alibaba Group in 24 hours.

Not everyone was happy with their purchases, though, as disgruntled shoppers took to social networking sites to post sad selfies of clothes that weren’t quite as fabulous as they were expecting.

The images, which were posted to the popular online forum pages of China Daily, show shoppers posing in their newly-received items from sites such as Taobao, alongside the advertising shots that inspired them to part with their cash. Here are 10 of the best:

1. This lady who doesn’t like her new coat.

2. This woman who just wanted to stay warm.

3. This shopper reflecting on the perils of side-splits.

4. This woman who is wishing she checked the length of the dress before ordering.

5. This guy wondering if shades would help.

6. This lady who just wants to put her arms in the sleeves like any normal person does.

7. This woman who soon realised you can’t go around tugging playfully at your sweater all day.

8. This guy who didn’t think he’d look so much like a nurse.

9. This guy whose waistcoat turned out to have a very simple design.

10. And this girl who’s not a fan of her new dungaree dress.

To be honest though, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that selfies we take at home don’t always look as amazing as shots composed and retouched by a professional. And while these shoppers’ new purchases may not look as they expected, mostly they look just fine.

And it’s not as though all shoppers were disappointed:

▼ The kid on the right could give Japanese pre-schooler Ryuchalo a run for his money.

Have you ever had a bad experience shopping online? Or an unexpectedly awesome one?! Let us know in the comments!

Source/images: China Daily