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It’s not very often we’re able to follow the line “he never even saw it coming” with “but then he casually watched it zoom over the horizon…”

Shot by surveillance cameras in Nanping City, China, the following footage captures the heart-stopping moment a speeding dump truck tears through a junction, just barely missing an elderly pedestrian as its back-end veers out into his path.

Despite the force with which the vehicle hits the smaller truck—enough to leave the second driver with a head injury and seemingly unable to maintain control of his vehicle—the dump truck driver doesn’t stop for even a second following the accident. Rather, after regaining control, he simply drives off into the distance.

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The elderly pedestrian, meanwhile, seems surprisingly unfazed by the entire incident, only scuttling out of the street after the second vehicle rolls backwards into a railing.

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Keep your wits about you, folks!

Source/screenshots: YouTube/CCTV