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How far are you willing to go to advertise your love of a mobile game?

Sometimes we wear our fandoms on our sleeves. Our excitement just seems to bubble over and we can’t contain ourselves. But even then, most people will show their love of a franchise with a cool t-shirt or stationery with beloved characters printed on it. However, one Twitter user took things a bit further — sporting a giant QR code inserted in the sleeve of his backpack. We first wondered if it were some sort of ingenious self-marketing plan. Instead of having to give out business cards, he could just let people snap picture of his backpack and get all the important information off a website!

The tweet above is where the QR-code-wearing Twitter user started attracting attention online. According to the tweet, @hochapi_bad spotted the hardcore fan and took this photo, writing, “Someone had a backpack with a QR code, and I went ahead and scanned the code and an iDOLM@STER app came up. I was so surprised. I thought it was ground-breaking. If the person with this backpack sees this post, please reply to me. LOL” (Later, the two found each other on Twitter. It was a true Cinderella moment.)

Apparently the QR code just links directly to the iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls app page…

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While it seems like an odd thing to have on your backpack, it could be that this gamer wanted new players to use his activation code so he could get cool in-game items. Whatever his reason, it’s definitely a conversation starter. It would certainly give the people behind him on the platform something unique to look at instead of the back of his head while waiting for the train!

Source: Otaku.com
Top Image: Twitter/@hochapi_bad