Who says experiencing real love is a perquisite for answering all of love’s tough questions?

Communications company NTT Resonant has revealed that, beginning this August, it will be turning to artificial intelligence to help handle love advice queries on Oshiete! goo, a feature of the goo search engine site similar to Yahoo! Answers.

goo’s AI is based on deep learning algorithms, which have attracted quite a bit of attention after Google’s DeepMind AI was able to beat a human master of go, a traditional Asian board game that, until recently, had eluded machine mastery. The company is predicting that this AI will eventually be able to come up with its own answers to users’ dating and relationship dilemmas, instead of just gleaming and summarizing content written by previous users.

If all goes well, there are plans to expand the AI program to include advice on parenting and health, too, which the site hopes will net an influx in user traffic to the site.

In the very least, we hope the results will be amusing enough to keep users entertained like this doodling version on Twitter, and not go down the same path as Microsoft’s AI-turned-racist troll.

Source: Asahi Shimbun
Feature/top image: Ilias Sounas