Polaroid-style printer works with Nintendo Switch, also lets you add Animal Crossing, Super Mario frames.

Next week Nintendo is releasing New Pokémon Snap, the highly anticipated follow-up to 1999 Pokémon photo safari game Pokémon Snap (which maybe we should now call “Old Pokémon Snap?”). And should you want an easy way to turn your virtual photography into real-world photos, Fuji Film is here to help with a special Switch-compatible app and printer to make that happen.

Fuji Film’s new free-to-download instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch app lets you transfer data between your Switch screenshot gallery and smartphone, then print out compact Polaroid-style photos with the instax mini Link printer.

The entire process is wireless, and starts by pulling up the QR code for the screenshot on your Switch screen and scanning it with your phone via the app, as shown in the preview video.

Before printing, the app lets you crop and add frames, with 24 Animal Crossing options, 20 Super Mario ones, and 15 New Pokémon Snap choices.

▼ The frames can also be used with regular photographs.

And if you want your printer to look as cute as the photos you’re printing with it? There’s a special Pikachu Silicone Case bundle on the way.

The app becomes available for download, and the limited-edition Pikachu case/instax mini Link set goes on sale, April 30, the same day as New Pokémon Snap releases.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: YouTube/FUJIFILMjapan, Instax official website (1, 2)
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