These two bus drivers seem to be slightly more furious than fast.

When passengers boarded these two city buses in Tianjin on April 29, we doubt they were ready for the ride or die battle that was about to ensue.

According to security camera footage, one bus driver was annoyed with the way another pulled up beside him at a red light and promptly decided to give the man a piece of his mind by rolling down a window and shouting.

The situation escalated then when the shouting driver, unimpressed with the other’s reaction, then attempted to show his new enemy up by cutting him off. Instead of giving way or moving to the median to avoid a collision, the second driver decided to hold his ground, and as a result, the two buses crashed. Six passengers sustained injuries from flying glass as windows in both buses shattered.

Needless to say, both drivers were arrested on charges of reckless driving, and local police authorities are currently pursuing an investigation into the matter.

Road rage is a rising problem in China, where the explosive growth of personal car ownership in the country in recent years has led to congested roads and short tempers. All this has resulted in around 17 million road rage cases annually, and, according to the World Health Organization, the loss of more than 200,000 Chinese lives a year.

The problem has gotten so out of hand that the government even had to step in last year and address the epidemic following an extreme incident where a woman was beaten senseless by another driver after cutting into his lane.

Unfortunately the message seems to have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to these two drivers, but hopefully their suspension and possible legal prosecution will serve as an example to others who find themselves losing their cool behind the wheel.

Source: YouTube/People’s Daily, China via Toychan, CNN, Japan Times
Top/feature image: YouTube/People’s Daily, China