It certainly looks comfortable, but would you wear it outside?

So, from what fashion magazines and websites have been telling us, apparently the “comfortable roomwear look” has been a recent hit with young women in Japan, particularly teenagers. “Roomwear” is a Japanese term for loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that look like something you might relax in at home, so it’s pretty much the opposite of what you’d normally expect to see people wearing. Nevertheless, this new looks is even being called the “new Harajuku-style” fashion.

When we first heard about this trend, we thought the clothes might be similar to the exquisitely soft robes and jackets from Kashwére — something you can lounge in at home but can also be worn outside — roomwear with style, if you will. Well, when we dug a little deeper into this new roomwear look, we were in for a bit of a surprise, because they weren’t just loose-fitting clothes; they were what could only be described as real actual pajamas!


Sure enough, when we looked up Japanese fashion sites for young girls like SPINNS, titivate and DHOLIC, we found multiple items referred to as “pajama shirts“. Yup, they really are using the word pajamas in the product name, and while the satin material looks nice, we have to say the shirts look better for sleeping than a shopping trip.

This was somewhat of a culture shock to us. As comfortable as they may be, we really couldn’t imagine wearing these shirts outside … they’re pajamas, after all. Or, could it be that we’re just getting old, and this is a new trend we need to get used to? It’s unique, and it may require a bit of fashion savoir-faire, but it’s a bold new look that maybe young women can pull off…


Whatever we think, we can see that the “roomwear look” is definitely trending simply by looking up #pajamashirt on Instagram. If the number of pictures and variety of pajama-style items to be found are anything to go by, it’s definitely a hit!

▼ Here are a few Instagram posts we found of girls sharing their cute pajama shirt outfits. We may not quite have the sense of style to achieve such sophistication in pajama tops, but these Instrammers certainly look like they’re enjoying it.









Okay, so they still look exactly like pajamas to us, but fashion is all about adventure, so if the style interests you, we say go for it!

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Top Image: SPINNS (edited by Rocket News24)
Insert Image: titivateDHOLIC (edited by RocketNews24)

Original Article by: Anji Tabuchi ©Pouch 
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