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Japanese government releases SUPER weird promo ad to attract young voters【Video】

After watching this, we’re not sure if they’re actually trying to encourage young people to go the ballot box, or give them a seizure.

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Japan reports fewer children and more elderly people for 35th year in a row

New data confirms the number of children in Japan is only continuing to decline.

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Fueled by road rage, two public transport buses in China collide【Video】

These two bus drivers seem to be slightly more furious than fast.

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This Chinese university student’s room is so messy, it made news headlines【Video】

Even if you’re not the most organized person, we bet your room has never looked this bad!

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Elderly woman’s suicide highlights mounting problems for Japan’s seniors

Just before her 100th birthday, one woman in Hyogo Prefecture sadly decides to blow out the candles for good.
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Nintendo DS on the menu as Japanese prisons get creative to keep ageing prisoners’ brains active

As Japan’s penal system struggles to cope with a rising number of older inmates, a number of prisons are taking unusual steps to help inmates stay healthy in mind as well as body.

The number of prisoners in Japan aged 65 or over increased almost five-fold in the twenty years up to 2013. This ageing prison population means institutions are bringing in innovative programmes to slow the onset of dementia in inmates, from yoga to hand-held video games.

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We guess the weather must have been really hot in China as of late. Just last week we reported news of a woman strutting about in lingerie at a marketplace, but someone else managed to outdo her bold stunt.

A woman was found taking a nap stark naked at an open plaza in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Some concerned citizens nearby tried to cover her up, but got shooed away instead!

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Is Asia still so surprised by the power of Photoshop?

It’s an issue we encounter almost every day. From endless media outlets, we as consumers are constantly barraged with unrealistic beauty standards, which women and men alike must struggle to attain…that or become masters of Photoshop and exist on the Internet as a doctored illusion. Yeah, the professional paint program wasn’t quite enough to turn this unfortunate-looking man into a beautiful babe, but as long as there’s a working base to build from, the level of perfection that a bit of digital editing can help one attain is approaching divine. And yet, so many people are still surprised—horrified at times—to see a person’s “true” face after getting to know them as they appear in their profiles.

The following set of photos has been showing up on Asian news outlets as a sort of shocking reveal. But all we’re shocked by is the fact that a bit of make-up and basic Photoshop is still considered breaking news.

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