Why draw pictures when you can CUT pictures?

We’ve introduced you to the amazing intricacies of kirie – the Japanese art of paper cutting – before. Here is yet another talented artist with a love of anime and a hand for tedious work, who shared some art on the well-known Japanese message board site 2Channel. The original poster first shared this dramatic Dragon Ball scene cutout, writing, “I did a Dragon Ball kirie! LOL! Any requests?”

Working on it a little here and there, the artist finished this next piece in three days. The positive response the OP received prompted him to share a number of other pieces, which are equally impressive.

▼ This is some seriously beautiful cutting!

▼ We can imagine all of the detail on this one took forever

▼ This one too…

▼ Why do we suddenly want a cigarette?

▼ A black-and-white classic.

So, by now, you’re probably wondering: What sort of tool is needed to pull off such detailed work?

▼ Ta-da!

This guy’s tool of the trade is a Tamiya brand modeler’s knife. Plus a very steady hand and a lot of patience, we’re sure!

The original poster’s work encouraged another member to share their own kirie, one that is in color.


OP admitted to trying color once too, but found it too medokusai (troublesome) and stopped halfway…

▼ Honestly a shame, since it’s looking really good!

But it seems he’s started up a new work in color…

Hopefully we’ll get to see the results of this one — it’s already looking amazing!

Source: 2Channel
Featured image: Imgur