man 7

And we find out how much it’s going to cost too!

What began in 1490 will finally sit on our desk in 2016. In February, RocketNews24 brought you news of a fully poseable eight-limbed action figure of the Vitruvian Man by Figma. Their toys have numerous points of articulation meaning that you can put Leonardo’s ideal man in all sorts of “compromising” positions.

▼ Check out these ideal human proportions!

man 1

▼ Forget Spider-man; we have the Man-spider!

man 3

▼ We’re a bit worried that scowl is going to give us nightmares though…

man 4

▼ “My eyes are up here!”

man 6

We weren’t able to report any details about when exactly this masterpiece of a figure would be released, but Da Vinci must have reached through time and space in order to get these action figures into our hands in time for the holiday season.

▼ So we can recreate our favorite Mortal Kombat Goro scenes for New Year’s eve!

man 5

▼ Don’t forget his buddies!

man 8

That’s right, by December 2016, you’ll be able to start playing around with the Vitruvian Man in action figure form. Santa’s little helpers better start working overtime, because we bet this is going to be on a lot of Christmas lists. Or you can always pre-order one for yourself for 6,480 yen (about US$58.58) on the Japanese Good Smile Company webstore or their international webstore, if you’re living outside Japan.

And if action figures aren’t really your thing, you may want to consider ordering a cat from Amazon Japan! Just don’t get your hopes up for getting it to pose for you…

Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: GoodSmile Company