MP 1

Apparently Pikachus aren’t such great swimmers, but that’s not going to stop these two from having some seaside fun.

As I write this, it’s June 1, which in my simplified image of the seasons means that summer is finally, finally here. So I’m looking at the calendar and pondering two important things: when can I sneak off to the beach, and when can I place an order for the newest addition to the lineup of Monthly Pair Pikachus?

Being the hardest-working and most industrious of all Pokémon, the paired Pikachus always debut a few weeks prior to the seasonal activities they depict. Because of that, the upcoming plushies will be showing up the week after next, and while Japan will be in the middle of its rainy season then, the July Pair Pikachus are all set for a dip in the sea. And yes, similar their cuddly co-ed predecessors seen holding hands at school or standing under the same umbrella, Mr. and Mrs. Pika-July look comfortably cozy sharing a single swim ring.

▼ Which is colored like a Poké Ball, naturally.

MP 2

▼ “The sun is shining bright.
It’s Umi no Hi.
The Pikachus are having so much fun at the beach with their swim ring!
Looks like it’s going to be another great summer!”

MP 3

The July Pair Pikachus are priced at 2,600 yen (US$24) and will be available at both Pokémon Center physical locations and the Pokémon Center online store. They go on sale June 18, meaning they’ll be ready to be by your side on Japanese national holiday Marine Day (also known as Umi no Hi), which this year falls on July 18.

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Source, images: Pokemon official website