Soon, now, he’ll open up his tomb now, glittering gold…

There are few joys like poseable action figures. It’s a little replica of a character you love, but you can move their arms and legs. One of the most celebrated companies producing articulated figures today is figma, a Japanese company that cranks out bevies of dewy-eyed anime girls and gutsy shonen heroes each year.

▼ Every Love Live! season heralds a new wave of Love Live! figma figures.

Here at SoraNews24, we love a good anime figure as much as the next person…but our real passions lie in these utterly bizarre figurines that figma cooks up every now and then, where they eschew the bright technicolor tones and anime sparkle for something a little more realistic. You may remember our articles on their figure of The Thinker, as well as a disturbingly accurate, muscled anatomical model. Figma has even more ancient articulated icons up their sleeve. The pharaoh Tutankhamun went up for pre-order on October 26, so you can own a fully-posable dead monarch from ancient times!

▼ King Tut’s DX version comes entombed in his own golden sarcophagus.

King Tutankhamun has been celebrated throughout the world as one of, if not the most significant archaeological find in the history of the field. Both his sarcophagus and gilded death mask are recreated in perfect detail. Though pre-orders are open at the time of writing, they will close by November 25. The figure is expected to ship in July 2022.

The model comes in two editions. The regular edition costs 9,900 yen (US$86.97) while the ultra-deluxe DX version is a treasure worthy of Tut itself, priced at 13,750 yen (US$120.79). The regular version includes Tutankhamun, his golden mask, a replacement head and hands, and a pedestal and column to pose him on. The deluxe version includes all that, plus his perfectly scaled golden casket.

▼ You’ve gotta have a golden casket, right?

You can also combine Tut with other figma products to great effect, as demonstrated by the product’s official Good Smile Company page.

▼ “I want my mummy!”

And as an added bonus, remember that The Thinker figure we mentioned? He’s receiving a re-release too, so if you missed out on his contemplative glory back in 2014 and 2016…now’s your chance! It costs 6,600 yen (US$57.97), so ponder whether you can spare that much for a fully-articulated reproduction of a famous sculpture. Preorders are open from now until November 25, and the Thinker will also ship in July 2022.

The brilliant minds at figma have also made articulated versions of the Vitruvian Man painting, the Mannekin Pis peeing cherub sculpture, and the Venus deMilo if she still had arms. Who knows what treasure from the past will be next to receive moveable limbs?

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Source, images: PR Times

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