Is this a martial arts demonstration or dance off? You decide!

If K-pop trends and the anticipation for the upcoming Idolmaster Korean drama is any indication, Korea just can’t get enough of good-looking men and women who can bust a move.

But what about fans who like their dancers to be a little less dainty and a lot more dominant and dynamic? Fortunately there are groups like the Korean Tigers Taewondo Demonstration Team, or K Tigers for short, a group professional martial artists who compete all over the world and combine a number of modern influences in their routines, including idol music samples and dance moves.

While some netizens have been quick to dismiss displays like these, saying it’s not real taekwondo, the K Tigers is not the first group to incorporate dancing into their demonstrations. In fact, even the Korean army has performed traditional martial art moves set to music in the past.

I don’t know about you, but I could definitely get down… If only I were a little more flexible and disciplined at hand-to-hand combat, that is.

Source: Facebook/World taekwondo family, YouTube/JDubzs
Feature/top image: Facebook/World taekwondo family