When your battery is running low and you forgot your charger, why rely on your friends? Make a little charge in your life.

There are plenty of things to worry about as a student these days. Homework, taking notes in class and listening to the teacher all pale in comparison to the battery level of your cell phone. Most students are using their phones so much during the day (to research school topics, of course!) that at some point they will probably need to charge their phones to make it through the day. But what happens when you accidentally leave your charger at home? This Tweet from @penguins18 perfectly showcases the difference between a normal high school student and one that goes to a technical high school.

Normal high school student: Crap, I forgot my phone charger. Guess I’ll borrow a battery pack from a friend.
Normal technical high school student: Crap, I forgot my phone charger. Guess I’ll make a battery pack.

It seems that an industrious high schooler decided to fashion a battery pack out of materials found in his class! That’s some Tony Stark-like ingenuity! It definitely seems like this student knows what he is doing, as he doesn’t appear to just hook up his phone directly to the battery, which would probably produce a hot, smoky mess. Thankfully, there aren’t any follow-up Tweets that feature pictures of a fire extinguisher.

Whether or not this was some sort of in-class project sanctioned by a teacher, or the practical musings of a student running out of cell phone juice, these pictures only go to show that you can learn something useful if you stay in school.

Source: Buzz Mag
Featured image: Twitter/@penguins18