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We’ve all got at least one thing that we carry around with us that could use a quick recharge on the road. For most of us it’s our cell phone, but it’s not inconceivable to carry three, four or even more gadgets that could use a juice boost while away from home.

There are plenty of on-the-go solutions available to you, but soon you can buy one that says as much about you as all the portable gaming systems you carry around.

Gadget maker Columbus Circle is releasing a charging pack this month dubbed the “Super RetCon Battery”, which is based on a Super NES – or rather Super Famicom as it was known in Japan – controller.

The RetCon, short for retro controller, packs a 10,400 mAh battery which supports a 2.0 A output with four USB ports, so you can simultaneously charge four devices at once. Pretty cool.

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A set of LED lights will let you know how much power you have left in the battery pack and when it gets low, you can charge it through a micro USB port located in the center – possibly from a second controller you had in your bag…

▼ You can see the LEDs kind of hidden under the top-right shoulder button

battery 2Since we haven’t had the chance to hold one of these in our hands, it isn’t clear whether or not you can press the buttons on the controller or if they are purely decorative. Wouldn’t it be great if the buttons possessed some actual function? Like maybe each of them would eject one of the USB slots.

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You’ll be able to pick one of these sweet battery packs up at electronic stores in Japan and via Amazon JP from August 24. If however, you are not in Japan, you could probably buy some battery parts and make up your own retro-style charging pack as a do-it-yourself project. It might be time to go dig out the ol’ Super Nintendo! (RocketNews24 is not responsible if you electrocute yourself attempting to build a retro-style battery pack in your own home. If however there is a freak accident and you attain superhero like electricity powers, RocketNews24 begs you to use your powers only for good.)

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