Japanese gamers weigh in on the device, sharing their first impressions.

With so many countries now gripped by Pokémon Go fever, a number of gadgets and accessories are now being created by fans who want to enhance their enjoyment of the mobile game. One of the latest items to make news among gamers is a handmade mobile battery pack for charging phones that comes in the shape of a big, round Poké Ball.


With 5,300 mAh capacity, the Poké Ball is said to have enough juice to “fully charge and revive your phone 2-3 times”. It has built-in LED indicators to show whether the phone or the battery itself is charging, a USB Type A port for phones to plug into, and a universal micro USB cord for recharging the battery. And when it comes to carrying the device around, a clasp on the side of the battery allows it to clip onto belt loops and backpacks.


Created by a fan whose battery was continually dying during Pokémon Go gameplay, the accessory is available from Etsy for 4,545 yen (US$42.77), with each item made to order from the creator’s studio in San Fransisco.


News of the Poké Ball battery pack has made it to Japan, where opinions are divided over the product.

“It’s huge!”
“You’d look like an elementary school student with something like this hanging off your bag.”
“These would sell well if they made them a bit smaller.”
“I want to buy ten of these to use as decorations!”
“They’d better be careful as Disney and Nintendo are two big names who come down hard on unlicensed products.”


The creator does mention that the battery pack is not affiliated with Pokémon or Nintendo so there may very well be a finite future for the item in the marketplace. It’s actually surprising that the creators of the massively popular Pokémon Go mobile game didn’t think of adding a range of exclusive accessories to accompany its long-awaited release, but with so many fan-made items popping up online, it may be just a matter of time before we get to see some licensed products on the marke.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Etsy/magicalsuperstore