The production house behind Korea’s hit kid’s show Pororo the Little Penguin recently announced a partnership with a developer to release an augmented reality game called Pororo Go.

Have you noticed that Pokemon Go is kind of a big deal yet? I’ve already talked about my personal thoughts on the game possibly just being a passing fad, but any worries that the game may have a short shelf life haven’t stopped media outlets (and, holy crap, we are just as guilty of this) from spamming Pokemon Go-related articles and TV segments day and night. And, of course, with that kind of out-of-control virality, it also hasn’t stopped thousands of company executives from growing comically huge dollar signs in place of eyes any time the game is mentioned.

Like Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga before it, the success of Pokemon Go is already inspiring clones and ripoffs of varying quality and dubious legality. And it looks like Hanaro Telecom – the production house behind the hit South Korean children’s show Pororo the Little Penguin – is next in line to introduce a smartphone game that leans heavily on Go‘s brand value and walking around in circles in people’s front yards gameplay concept.

▼ In case you’ve never seen Pororo before, here’s your chance!

The production house recently announced that it will be partnering with a game developer to create an augmented reality (AR) and geolocation-enhanced game called – what else – Pororo Go.

Details are sparse at the moment, and it’s still unclear just how similar Pororo Go will be to Nintendo’s breakout hit or if it will feature monster collecting or some other gameplay hook. In similar news, though, at least one South Korean company, SK Telecom, has flat-out announced they intend to release something “similar to Pokemon Go” in the near future.

At this rate, we predict that by 2018 every single product on earth will be affixed with “Go” at the end of the name, causing the universe to promptly implode.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Feature Image: Iconix